Paper Lovers, 

Planner Lovers!

For years, who's counting, I have been a planner fan. I look forward to December when I get to design new pages, see what others have created for planners and 


This being my third year that I have purchased the 5 Choices planner from Franklin Covey. For me, it's the weekly layout with the notes & tasks underneath. My brain just works that way. What I really like is the planner is simple, not a lot of color, but a wonderful amount of real estate on the pages to do my thing.

The cover is adorned with a large glossy "5", which is appealing as I love numbers, especially in a vintage, industrial setting. I usually work around the number, allowing it to marry with the accessories I attach to the cover. 

With so many technical & digital planners out there, why paper planners? There are a portion of human beings that still love the feel & response of pen to paper. I happen to be one of them. I have a vintage typewriter, design notecards and collect specific pens for their look & feel. 

This year is a fun year. I have matured in my art & design, creating simpler, yet dramatic & happy illustrations for my pages. I'm even adding a touch of color. Color you say? Yes, I am not a huge fan of bright colors. This year, I have gravitated to soft lavenders, steel blues and sage greens. All surrounded by a bit of black, a ton of white and a dash of tans.




I went vintage valentines for February.

My goal is to inspire you & encourage you to follow your heart and your creativity. If you think it, do it!


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