Glass House Notes Event with Greenwise!


Our First Event!

Ok, so, yes, we have like 5 Publix's in our area, but who's complaining! One of those is a Greenwise, an entire store dedicated to their healthier brands. This particular one that just popped up, has a great boutiquey style which creates a comfy & homey space. 

One of the neatest things they offer are events that spotlight small business' nearby. After speaking with the management team, Glass House Notes is now one of those business'! 

On Saturday, March 27th from 11-3, we will have a tent set up with many illustrations for you to purchase. The notecards are designed to adorn your flower arrangements to add an artistic touch. We all know that flowers go to flower heaven, and when they do, you still have artwork to frame that keeps the memory of the gift alive. 

Want to purchase one now and attach later? Or just to frame to fill a spot on your wall, check out the entire collection here.

Thanks for stopping by & hope to see you at the event!

Event: Greenwise Pop-up Event spotlighting Glass House Notes

Where: Greenwise off 54, 2175 Sembler Dr., Odessa, FL. 33556

When: March 27th, 11-3


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