A question I often get:

Why so many bows? 

Honestly, I couldn't tell you. I just love the feminine feel and softness they have, straight from when I was a little princess myself. 

Ok, I wasn't a princess, I was raised in Home Depot having a father whom is a wood-worker. I learned how to work with wood at an early age. And as an adult, I love the smell of wood in the morning. Between you and me, I love going into the raw wood section in either, Home Depot or Lowe's, and closing my eyes as I smell the wood. 

Ok, let's refocus. From 2018 to present, I have illustrated a variety of bow illustrations and have designed over 60 products with them. I wanted to make sure I have many options for bow lovers like myself.

Have a bow style that you love but isn't represented? Let me know and we can work together to get you the design of your choice! 

See All Bows here.

Much love,



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