New Year...New US!


Hi Guys!

Ok, I have to share with you, I've have been creating products, paintings and stuff since 2006. My close friends & relatives have been very patient with me as I start, yet, something else. That's an artist for ya! 
So, I have put some thought into all of my creations and have gathered them all up in one place, on one site. I'm so excited to share this with you!
I introduce, drum roll, please... my new site,

Jenny Coffman Studio

It represents the studio where all of my work comes from. Each brand, Stationery Stories, Living Illustrations and Artski & Hush are all here!

The forefront of my new site will be the blog. I absolutely love sharing & teaching about the things I have a passion for. And I really want to hear from you, so please share, like, post and reach out...I want to hear from you!

I thank you for your support and humbly request that you share me with your friends and have them subscribe to join us on this fun creative journey!

I thank you for all of your support and I'm so glad you are joining me on my journey!
With Love,


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