In the world of acrylics...

A controlling medium, if I do say so myself.

"Golden Threads"

A medium I do like when I am in the detailed mode, is acrylic paints. I use this medium as a tool to express myself and the inspirations around me. In real life, everything is in order and has a place. But, when I pick up the paint brush, the messy girl comes out to play. 

They say that painting is calming and can bring peace. Painting has the same affect for me. When I need to slow down, the brush comes out and gets to work. Do I like what comes out each time, no, but that's ok. The fact that I am working on my own peace is enough. 

Have a blank spot that needs filling? I also do commissions of any size. Pictured below is my latest, 3 4'x3' canvas' for a client whom celebrated her marriage visiting three wonderful countries, Amsterdam, Paris & London. She has a passion for purple and requested it be the main color story. 

My love for vintage is displayed in the following pieces. They also represent my bravery in adding color to my paintings. Each are 4'x3' canvas'. 

"1800's Ford"


I hope you enjoyed today's message. 

For commissions, please respond to this email and I will schedule a time to discuss details. 

With Love,


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