Bread Bowl...a unique twist on ceramics.

We choose different meals for different occasions, even different seasons. 

As you guys know, I live in Florida. So, I enjoy hot liquid meals during the Fall & Winter season. 

Bring forth the bread soup bowl!! 

It is a very quick & easy process. All you need are these 2 items:
  • Sourdough bread loaf
  • Soup
Yup, that's it!

Step 1:
Choose your loaf from the market.

Make sure you choose a dense type of bread, like sourdough. It'll soak up the liquid allowing it to stay in and not flood your counter.

Now, take a moment to enjoy said loaf. Close your eyes, bring it to your nose, squeeze gently and inhale the wonderful smell. 

Ok, now to turn this wonderful blessing into your container.
Use a serrated knife, on a 45 degree angle, to gently cut through the rough exterior, making sure to go into the loaf only half way. We don't want to go all the way down as the liquid from your soup will pool onto the table underneath.

Meanwhile, your soup is warming, or you've created your favorite already. 

My favorite, which I will be making this week:

Ok, here we go...tine to marry these two to create a glorious, warming dish!

Gently ladle your soup into the bowl you created, making sure to add a nice amount of liquid. The bread will soak up most of it, so make sure you add a good amount to keep it soupy.

And, there you go. Joy & warmth delivered in a creative way! 

Now, grab your blanky, your family & your spoon...

and go at it!!
The best part, is picking at the bread inside that has soaked the fluid in...yum yum!

Many warm blessings,



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