A Well Dressed Pillow

 It is complete! Our vestie has completed his suit shopping and now has one for each season.

Here's his journey.. 

When playing legos with my son, I fell in love with the suit one of the minifigures had and I wanted to bring it to my collection.

It began black & white for I hadn't taught myself color, and I didn't want to mess up the illustration by using the wrong colors. 
We moved into our new home and my new studio inspired me to bring color into my life. So, that Spring, the colors came pouring out and after Vestie went shopping, I introduced the Spring Vestie suit.
Next up, Fall came into the air, so Vestie went shopping again. While the collection is growing, there was still a season Vestie needed to dress for. 
We were so excited in the Fall, when Vestie found a  lovely little lady to carry on his arm. How'd they meet? You tell me! Comment below to share your thoughts on how Vestie & his girlfriend met. And, what is her name? I will choose a name from your comments and that person will get a discount when you purchase the happy couple!
Brisk winds are in the air, Vestie went shopping, yet again. Drum roll please.....We now introduce, the Winter suit!
We hope you enjoyed Vestie's story and make him a part of your family for each season. 
Keep creating! With love,


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